Duration: 54′
Director: Annamaria Gallone
Photography: Gianni Bonardi
Edit: Antonio Augugliaro
Sound: Marzio Marzot
Music: Mauro Buttafava
Production: Kenzi Productions

More than a million people call her “Aunt” or “Mama”. Barbara Hofmann has lived in Mozambique for over twenty years. Her life in Switzerland, her native country, was completely different to the one she has today, with different dreams and projects, but she wasn’t able to leave the children she met during her stay in Beira, in 1989. Orphans, victims of war and AIDS in need of food and shelter, medical assistance and possibly schooling. More than anything, in need of love.

International Film Festival of Kerala 2006 – Kerala, India
Locarno International Film Festival 2005 – Locarno, Switzerland