Puglia, Italy
Director: Annamaria Gallone
Assistent director: Fabiana Monaco
Photography: Gianni Bonardi, Stefano Magri
Edit: Simone Barbagallo
Production: Kenzi Productions
Original Music Score: Taricana

Am├ávete – which mean “Love one another!” in the local dialect – is the spiritual testament of a very old musician from Northern Salento, in the region of Puglia. The documentary is a testimony of the tradition of Taranta – also know today as Pizzica – an ancient kind of music, dance and ceremony with the power of healing the bite of a tarantula, common spider in the fields of the region. Today, the interest in this tradition is back to life, and as once it used to cure the evil of misery, nowadays it cures solitude, the evil of modern society. Testament of the past and collective ritual of the present, the images recall ancient ceremonies and spirit possession.