South America/Africa/Europe
Duration: 15′
Director: Annamaria Gallone
Photography: Gianni Bonardi, Davide Artusi
Edit: Davide Artusi
Production: Kenzi Productions
Client: ProgettoMondo Mlal

In 1072 the mathematician Edward Norton Lorenz wondered weather a flap of butterfly wings could cause the formation of a hurricane in Texas. 40 years later, the butterfly effect has become part of the world common heritage. The interdependence of all the countries in the world – on a political, economic, environmental and social basis – is under everybody’s eyes.
A POSSIBLE WORLD aims at involving the younger generations of Europe in the challenge of the United Nations 7th Millennium Development Goal: ensuring world environmental sustainability.
The strength of this short documentary lies in alternating beautiful images – shot in South America, Africa and Europe – to objective information on common environmental issues. The intent is to draw youngsters in ProgettoMondo Mlal’s global project “A possible world”, emphasized by the final incitement “BE AWARE, BE ACTIVE, START THE CHANGE!”.

United Nations 7th Millennium Development Goal