1, 2, 3 HAITI
Léogane, Haiti
Duration: 24′
Director: Annamaria Gallone
Photography: Gianni Bonardi, Davide Artusi
Edit: Davide Artusi
Production: Kenzi Productions
Client: Progetto Mondo Mlal

In 2013 the effects of the earthquake that stroke Haiti on January 12th 2010 are still visible.
In the town of Léogane many communities still live in temporary shelters and tents donated by international organisations.
Infrastructures, schools and hospitals are lacking.
This documentary tells about small positive experiences that keep hope alive in a future for the town, such as the new schools in Mellier and Deslandes, and a third one, Myrdud, under construction under the supervision of ProgettoMondo Mlal and of Finn Church Aid, a partner in the project.